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Defeating Disability

The development or advancement of a disability can indeed be upsetting for you and your family. It can be both complex and frustrating to look for appropriate services and resources. Hold on tight, there is yet hope! Let us help you or your loved one to learn better and differently.

About The Book

Learning to learn differently!

A book about differently-abled people. The Defeating Disability is a succinct introduction to disability-specific concerns that is both instructive and practical. If you or your loved one is going through Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder, and having a hard time learning things, this book is for you! What makes this book so special is that it is written by someone who has been through these conditions but in the end learned to be a millionaire.

About The Author

The mind behind the masterpiece!

Kimberly Wheeler, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and author has written a masterpiece called Defeating Disability. The book authored by her is so well written and portrays it as if it has come from someone who has been in the same shoes. Kimberly learned about her condition having dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and short-term memory in her 20s while she was watching children, she saw herself in them. Her determination did not let her stop from achieving things she ever wanted to regardless of the diagnosed disabilities.

Kimberly showed, by putting herself as an example that having a disability does not mean you cannot achieve great things in life. Even though she was suffering from these conditions, she has made millions of dollars by being a successful businesswoman with over 30 years of experience. Now, that she is in her 50s, she decided to show it to the world in a way that the world may see it through the eye of the disabled and understand what they go through and how they can be motivated to learn.


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    Do not let the disability stop you from learning! There is help and we are in this together, connect with us and let us help you achieve milestones in your life.

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